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The Street Family

Our founder and grandfather, Joeneal Street, traveled to San Diego from Colorado with his family in the early 1900's. In the 1920's, the Street Family started scrapping cars in downtown San Diego to make ends meet. They quickly realized the potential for their new business, and Street Properties Inc was founded on the corner of 9th Street and Island Avenue. The property was later redeveloped and what stands there now serves as company headquarters.


Later, the landowner approached Joeneal and insisted that he purchase the property. The details of this transaction are unclear as it occurred almost a century ago. However, it is known that the price was set low because the property owner was intent on preventing its sale to anyone else. Joeneal kept this opportunity in mind and continued to sell parts and scrap cars.


After World War II, the business began to thrive and experienced significant growth. They later relocated to what is now Barrio Logan, and eventually moved to E Street in Chula Vista. The wrecking yard operated at this location until Joeneal came up with the idea to build a hotel on the site. However, when he approached the city to obtain permits, he was informed that the property was slated to be used as an offramp, making it impossible for him to proceed. This led to an eminent domain case, and he won the largest settlement in the city’s history at that time.


He took his earnings and did the craziest thing anyone could think of at the time and bought the property. Despite the initial skepticism from others, their business expanded to include rental yards. Joeneal and his son, Joe, worked side by side and witnessed the growth of the enterprise and eventually purchased 40 acres of land in Otay Mesa, which soon expanded to an additional 40 acres.


When Petco Park was announced in the late 90’s, it forced the sale of the two downtown properties that Street Properties had held onto and rented as warehouse space since the late 50’s, which then allowed us to purchase other buildings.


After a lifetime of building and growing the family business, Joeneal Street passed away in 1998, leaving behind a legacy of hard work, entrepreneurship, and dedication to his family and community.


Over the course of the next two decades, Joe operated the family business and worked alongside his children, James, Sarah, and Jessica Street continuing to build their family business. Joe passed away in 2019 leaving his legacy to his children. While cherishing his memory, the Street siblings continue to build upon their family business and carry forward their legacy of success.

Street Properties Inc now has a diverse portfolio containing multi family, retail, and industrial space run by our amazing team!

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